Balancing methods

  1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the most critical factor to our health. Following Ayurvedic lifestyle tips we can keep and restore our inner harmony. Ayurveda indicates the most favorable lifestyle for each Dosha. Discipline is important to achieve in our daily routine, and thanks to which we are able to take full advantage of our physical and mental potential. Ayurveda also gives tips regarding sleeping hours and getting up in the morning, nutrition, amounts and quality of the food, physical activity, day time for your best work performance or ideas for professional career direction. Ayurvedic tips also suggest solutions on how to cope with the changes brought on by the change of seasons. Thanks to these tips, we can smoothly enter and adapt to the constant changing of the natural world

2. Diet

Diet is an important part of keeping a balance in life and maintaining good nutritional habits. Consuming proper amounts of good quality food, we are able to enjoy physical vitality. Ayurvedic tradition offers great knowledge of positive and negative impacts of food products on Doshas. In line with this wisdom, we can combine the most beneficial diet and are able to enjoy all the nutritional elements we need. The teaching shows which elements shouldn’t be combined with others to avoid the formation of toxins and points out the ways of food preparation to avoid the loss of nutrients. Ayurveda helps you to understand the importance of beneficial eating habits such as meal times, qualities and portions of food and drink.

3. Herbs and oils

Ayurveda is a unique system of herbal and natural medicine. The healing properties of herbs have been used to soften and prevent diseases for thousands of years. Ayurveda embraces wide range of herbs and herbal oils as a medical treatment. To keep the inner balance and harmony it is recommended to rub the body with oils with herbal decoction, also water and steam herbal baths can be applied. Using the natural healing properties of plants can lead to inner balance and get rid of nagging ills in dysfunctional Doshas

4. Fitness-training

Ayurveda recommends daily exercise as an important routine. Irrespective of your Dosha’s constitution, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are recommended. Each Dosha has its own calming or stimulating exercises that help you find balance. Kapha requires dynamic exercise, Vata – calming, and Pitta non-competitive exercises. Well attuned fitness-training enhances personality and helps you reach harmony.

5. Ayurvedic massages and treatments

There are many therapies in Ayurveda that require many years of medical training, e.g. Panchakarma therapy elements (body detoxifying treatments based on the induction of vomiting and diarrhea, enema, blood-letting, sinuses cleansing). There are also other less invasive medical treatments which were successfully adopted by the western world for use in spa and wellness therapy. These are mostly massages based on traditional Indian body massage called Abhyanga, and water and steam herbal baths. Shirodhara is another oil treatment that’s worth mentioning; it is a head massage performed by a warm, steady stream of oil.

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