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How often do you go for massage?

🌞Welcome to this beautiful day! 🌞

Do you wonder how many times a month you need a massage?

Of course, it depends on many factors. Is it enough to come once a week, once every two weeks or once a month?

💚It depends, among other things from what you want to achieve, whether to stay healthy in the long term, or to relax and massage for the here and now. Everyone needs something different.

I always say that the best solution is to have a constant habit of going to massage. Always at the same time, on the same day, at the same intervals. It is daily, weekly or monthly rituals that build our health and well-being (or may slowly ruin it in the case of unhealthy habits).

💚 Ideally, a weekly massage gives the best results. The body becomes more flexible, soft, relaxed, nourished and healthy. What gives us the satisfaction is the growing awareness of our's clients' body. Often they already sense the subtle signals of their bodies themselves, so they can react faster to disharmony.

A massage every two or three weeks is a great example of taking care of yourself. The maximum interval is one month. After this time, often as if we were starting anew, the echo of the previous massage has already disappeared. What has been massaged is usually tensed again and hard as a rock. 💚 Remember though, a massage once in a while is still a great gift for yourself, rather than not massaging yourself at all.

💚 I also know that despite our willingness to do so, we often have little time in our busy schedule. Another issue is finances, although I personally treat massage as an investment in my health. In the case of lack of time and finances, I suggest self-massage the way you can, for sure it will be great.

💚How often do you go to massages? How often do you massage yourself?

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