Terms and conditions of puchaising the carnets

Dear customers, for all fans of our treatments, we offer discount carnets for the purchase of 10 treatments. The following regulations will answer all the questions arising in this matter.


Regulations for the purchase of the carnets at the Maha Punye Ayurveda massage studio:


The carnet is sold by Paulina Krzętowska / Salon Maha Punye Ayurveda, Ul. Ruczaj 43 U2B, 30-409 Kraków. NIP: 5532371107 Regon: 123131161 and Martyna Kasprzak / Salon Maha Punye Ayurveda, ul. Ruczaj 43 U2B, 30-409 Kraków NIP: 6762476603, Regon: 123136369. They can be contacted by e-mail at info@mahapunye.com, by phone: 539 338 836 or by post at: Salon Maha Punye Ayurveda Ul. Ruczaj 43 U2B 30-409 Kraków.


The pass is valid for 10 same treatments or treatments for the same amount. During the purchase, the customer decides to use one of the available carnets in the price list and it is not possible to change to another during its implementation.


The subscription is paid in advance. The pass can be purchased via the website www.mahapunye.com or in the studio at ul. Ruczaj 43 U2B in Krakow. Payments can be made through the website via the system www.przelewy24.pl, by traditional transfer or via the system www.paypal.com. At the company’s headquarters, payment by card or cash is accepted.


All prices listed on the website www.mahapunye.com are gross prices given in Polish zlotys


At the salon, the buyer receives a paper ticket confirming the purchase. The buyer’s personal data will be placed on the subscription, i.e. name and surname as well as the type of treatment, subscription value, subscription number and expiry date.

When buying online, the customer choose two options. He can pay through the site and collect a paper pass in the salon during the first visit, he can also receive a carnet in the form of a pdf by email - which he will print before the first visit to the salon.


Each time, the buyer is obliged to present a carnet card before performing the service in order to mark the used procedure.


The pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. It is not possible to extend the validity of the carnet, unless the seller decides otherwise in exceptional cases.


The carnet not used within 12 months is forfeited.


One pass can be used by more than one person, provided that the seller has been informed about other customers authorized to use this pass by the person who paid for the carnet.


When purchasing a pass, it is not possible to cancel or return cash for a previously paid carnet during its implementation. The unused value of the pass is not refundable.


If the subscription owner (the person who paid the subscription) has left, falls ill, died, or cannot use the pass for other reasons, and has not personally authorized another person to use it, after the expiry date the carnet will be treated as used. In the above-mentioned situations, we ask the buyer or his family member / authorized person to contact us in advance.


If the buyer loses the carnet, the seller will issue a duplicate.


It is not possible to purchase a pass for discounted services covered by the periodic promotion.