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About us


Welcome to Maha Punye Ayurveda. We are a massage and ayurvedic therapies’ Centre.

We are sisters, Martyna and Paulina and our salon was set up in 2014. Using our passion and expertise, we have created a unique place of well-being inspired by Ayurveda, a natural, ancient medicine from India.

The name of our Centre was taken from Tibetan, Amitayus Limitless Life Mantra.
This mantra does not have a direct translation to other languages, but the phrase Maha Punye means in indirect interpretation: Great merit of helping others.

Modern life - full of work and family challenges creates the feeling of being physically and mentally overloaded with responsibilities. This causes us to lose a sense of harmony and balance in our lives and in response, we seek out methods of relief from our pain and stress.

The main aim of Maha Punye Ayurveda is to provide you with that relief, and help you achieve your life’s balance once again.

We deliver the highest quality therapies based on the authentic style, oils, herbs and cosmetics found in the heart of Ayurveda - India.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you in our Centre.

Warm wishes,
Paulina and Martyna


our team

Martyna Kasprzak

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapist

For many years, the colorful culture of the Orient has delighted me with the variety of tastes, smells, music and dance styles. The result of this fascination was a one-year stay in Turkey during my studies. There I experienced the first oriental massages and steam baths, noticing their incredible impact on improving my health condition.
The natural need to help was an impulse for me to enter the world of health promotion and therapies improving psychophysical condition. Ayurveda captivated me with its incredibly positive approach to life and enjoying the smallest things. It represents everything that inspires my life: tastes, smells, rhythmicity, nice flow, movement and the philosophy of being. At the beginning of 2014, I completed a Classical Massage Course with a certificate of the Ministry of National Education at the Menos Massage Art Academy in Krakow and was trained by Paulina in Ayurvedic therapies. Since then, I have been practicing massages and treatments in this style. In 2016, I made my first trip to India. I have perfected my Ayurvedic workshop on an individual Ayurvedic Therapy Courseat Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center in Jaipur. In 2018, I visited India again, this time Kerala, to feel even more deeply into the holistic nature of Ayurvedic therapies. I am constantly expanding my knowledge, in 2020 I graduated from TEB Education in Kraków with the Masseur Technician profile with elements of Physiotherapy. Thanks to this, I learned about new massage techniques and ways of working with the body. I also have a Thai massage and Indian Hopi ear candling course. In 2021 I participated in Visceral Therapy course by ITCM Dao in Kraków. Very important for me is completion of a course in Neurodiagnostics and Therapy by Neuroprojekt in 2022 and Access Bars® in 2023.
In 2023, I visited Kerala again, this time to explore the secrets of the South Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu and Kalari Marma Chikilsa massage at Maruthi Marma Chikilsa & Kalari Sangham in Thiruvanthapuram.

Paulina Krzętowska

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapist

My adventure with Ayurveda started in 2009 during my travels to India; a five-month visit that inspired me to have a closer look into methods of achieving well-being, longevity and life balance.This was where I first experienced ayurvedic treatments, both as a client and as a therapist. Following my return to Europe, I graduated from internationally recognised CIBTAC courses in Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Aesthetics in well-known Coogan Bergin Beauty Clinic and School and Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School in Dublin, Ireland.
During this time I had also started to work as a massage therapist in the ayurvedic therapy centre – The Samadhi Centre in Dublin. I have been there more than three years.
In 2012, I participated in the Ayurvedic Therapist Diploma course in the prestigious London School of Ayurveda – Ayurveda Pura Academy represent by Doctor Deepa Apte. 

In 2021 I have particiapted in Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Points upskilling courses organized by Project Masaż in Kraków. 


Karolina Kapelak

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapist

My therapeutic talent was found by my aunt. She said: Girl, you have talent in your hands, don’t waste it! I am very happy, I have listened to my aunt and my therapeutic career is developing.
In 2013 I have complited one year long Bio Massage course in Centrum Nauki i Biznesu Żak and in2016, internationally recognised two years long courses of Anatomy, Physiology and Massage in Szkoła Policealna Integracyjna Masażu Leczniczego in Krakow. In 2021 I have participated in upskilling Deep Tissue Massage course organized by International Deep Tissue Practitioners Organization in Kraków. 
I was always very pasionate about oriental massages. Ayurveda helps me to combine my passion with my medical knowledge. During each massage I use my empathy, mindfulness and knowledge. 

Lidia Chojnacka

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapist

I have always known that I want to work in the service for people. I took an extended biology exam at high school because I knew instinctively that I wanted to do something in this direction in the future. I chose higher education for nutritional reasons, but it turned out to be more technical and mass, and I felt more and more that my path was to work with an individual, not with the mass.I have always been interested in anatomy and what processes take place in the human body. Looking for my way, I met interesting people who saw my potential and pushed me towards massage. In 2020, I graduated from the 2-year Post-Secondary School of Teb Education in the field of Masseur Technique with elements of physiotherapy. After the first few lessons, I knew I was in the right place. I did a few additional industry courses, did additional training and read a lot. I have deep interest in face massage. I am a Kobido face massage therapist.  By joining the Maha Punye Ayurveda team, I underwent individual, intensive training in massage and Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda charmed me with its simplicity and effectiveness. I approach each massage with great understanding and attention. I found my way in working with the body and I feel in my heart that I will always follow it with willingness and enthusiasm.

Ivanna Nodzhak

Massage and Ayurvedic Therapist

All my life my greatest passion was nature - nature around me, animals and humans in it. Following my heart, I graduated from the Faculty of Biology at the Lviv National University. Despite studying nature, I felt that my path led somewhere further. The breakthrough was my neck pain. I found a wonderful masseur whose amazing, professional touch helped me with the problem and gave me energy to act for the next day. Then I realized that this is what I want to do. Wanting to help people in need, I started looking for a way to work more closely with people, their body and psyche. I graduated from the 2-year Gloker Post-secondary School, in the field of Masseur Technician. Working as a massage therapist, I feel great satisfaction in what I do. I feel needed and helpful, which only confirms that this profession is made for me. I love working with the body, I want to continue to develop in this direction. While practicing the art of massage, I discovered Ayurveda. Thanks to the training under the watchful eye of Paulina and Martyna, I improved my workshop. My job is to do something good, something that soothes, calms down, brings relief, relieves pain. Customer satisfaction motivates me to further work, professional development and simply happy life in harmony with myself and nature.

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