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Terms and conditions of booking the appointments

Maha Punye Ayurveda Massage and Treatment Services Terms and Conditions.

General provisions:
1. These regulations define the rules for making reservations and using Ayurvedic massage services and treatments at the Maha Punye Ayurveda massage parlor.
2. Dear customers, please read the regulations before making a reservation and using a massage or treatment.
3. The scope of services provided at the Maha Punye Ayurveda Salon:
Abhyanga, Vishesh full body massage,
Massage with Udvartana powders,
Hot stamp massage: Pinda Svedana, Prista Pinda Svedana
Partial Shiroabhyanga massages - head, Padabhyanga - feet, Mukhabhyanga - face, Pristabhyanga - back.
Manual oil massage combinations
Nasya - sinus treatment
Sarvanga Svedana - the steam box

1. A client of our Salon can be any natural person of legal age.
2. The customer may be a minor, with the express consent of parents, guardian or legal representative.

1. Treatments in the salon are performed only after prior reservation.
2. Reservations can be made by phone, SMS, in person or via e-mail.
3. The visit must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the client undertakes to pay the full payment for the planned treatment. The exceptions are emergencies, e.g. accidents or sudden illness.
4. Failure to join the massage at the agreed date several times without prior information, multiple cancellations or change the date of the treatment less than 24 hours before its start, entitles the salon to refrain from making further reservations.
5. You should report for the booked treatments no later than 5 minutes before the agreed time. The salon reserves the right not to perform a massage for the client who showed up with a delay exceeding 20 minutes.
6. The treatment may be performed despite the delay, provided that the individual stages of the treatment will be shortened at the therapist's discretion. The full price is due for the procedure performed.
7. If the treatment is delayed for reasons attributable to the salon, including the employee, none of the stages will be shortened.
8. The salon reserves the right to cancel the treatment date 24 hours before its date. The salon will also agree a new date for the treatment with the client.
9. Treatments should be agreed at the time of booking. Some treatments require prior preparation.

Hygiene and safety:
1. Flat surfaces and other elements of the salon equipment, with which the client has no direct contact, are disinfected at least once a day.
2. The payment terminal is disinfected each time.
3. The salon uses only disinfectants approved for use in the massage parlor.
4. Surfaces in direct contact with the customer are disinfected each time.
5. The salon for the sake of the environment does not provide disposable panties.
6. All towels, sheets and covers for headrests are properly washed and dried after each treatment.
7. Our therapists are properly trained to work in their positions, have all certificates, diplomas, approvals and work permits corresponding to their position. They are also obliged to comply with health and safety and fire protection regulations.
8. Before starting the procedure, therapists are required to check the workplace, ie disinfect the workplace, hands and forearms to the elbows, and after the procedure is completed.

Provision of massage services and Ayurvedic treatments:
1. In order to use the services of the Salon, it is necessary to book in advance by phone, SMS, e-mail or in person. The customer undertakes to perform the services in accordance with the deadline.
2. During the first visit, before starting the procedure, the Employee conducts an interview with the Client to determine whether the Client's health condition, past or present diseases, as well as lifestyle do not constitute contraindications for the Treatment or do not pose a risk of side effects and to establish recommendations after the massage.
3. Before starting the Treatment, Customers are required to notify the Employee of any ailments and contraindications that may affect the course of the Treatment, in particular: heart disease, use of a pacemaker, neoplastic diseases, inflammations in the acute phase, past jaundice and other diseases for infectious diseases, pregnancy or in the puerperium period, existing prostheses or inserts - plates, attachments, screws, etc. Any changes require a written update of the interview and the Client's signature.
4. During the procedure, the client should not wear any jewelry, especially necklaces and large earrings.
5. Clients are obliged to immediately inform the Employee about the deterioration of their well-being during the Treatment.
6. In case of doubts as to the safety of the Treatment, the Therapist may refuse to perform it.
7. The therapist has the right to refuse to carry out the Treatment also if he has doubts as to whether the Client is not planning to extort the Treatment and if he / she determines that the Client is under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants.
8. The therapist has the right to refuse the procedure if the client behaves in an obscene or deviating from common social norms. There are no erotic activities in the salon. In the massage parlor, intimate places are NOT MASSED.

1. The customer is obliged to pay for the services provided. The Price List of Treatments is available in the Salon and on the Internet at:
2. The following methods of payment are available in the Salon: cash payment, payment by credit card and bank transfer upon prior arrangement. The salon does not charge any additional fees for non-cash transactions.
3. The salon reserves the right to carry out temporary promotions for the treatments provided. The regulations of periodic promotions are available on the website of the salon in the tab Regulations of periodic promotions. Due to the promotion, Customers who have incurred the full price of the Treatment are not entitled to any claims.
4. The Studio also offers gift vouchers, passes paid in advance, entitling you to take advantage of a certain number of treatments during the time not exceeding the date specified on the voucher / pass. The studio is not obliged to implement the above-mentioned coupons / passes after the agreed date. The rules for purchasing gift vouchers and passes can be found on the massage parlor website.
5. If the visit provided for in the purchased Coupon / Pass is not canceled, the treatments are forfeited and the Salon is not obliged to reimburse the fees already paid for them.

1. Customers are responsible for any damage to the equipment of the Salon without any restrictions. Their statutory representatives are responsible for damage caused by minors.
2. The massage parlor is responsible for the outerwear entrusted for storage. The massage parlor, however, is not responsible for any items left in the outer garment or in the Salon apart from the places intended for their leaving, in particular valuables, bags, backpacks and handbags that the customer should keep with him.
3. The Salon is responsible for improper performance of the Treatment by Therapists.
4. The Customer's failure to comply with the provisions of the Regulations or submitting false statements regarding his health condition and contraindications or in an interview, results in the exclusion of liability for the Treatment performed on the part of the Salon.
5. The Salon is not responsible for the Customer's dissatisfaction with the final effect of the Treatment, resulting from the subjective feelings of the Customer, if it was performed in a professional manner, consistent with the art of massage in a manner that does not comply with generally accepted standards.
6. Visiting the procedure must be proven by the client, eg in the form of a bill.
7. The salon has a third party liability insurance policy.

Other provisions:
1. There is a total ban on smoking and the use of tobacco as well as tobacco and nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes, throughout the Salon, as well as a total ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other stimulants and intoxicants.
2. Please do not use telephones during the Treatment. Please mute or turn off your device.
3. Please respect the treatment in progress and keep silence.

Final Provisions:
1. Each customer has the right to view the regulations, price list and certificates referred to by the Salon or Employees.
2. The salon reserves the right to change the regulations. The new provisions are binding from the moment they are published in the massage parlor.
3. All disputes arising from the services provided should be first resolved amicably.
4. These regulations are valid from April 15, 2022.

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