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Are you a fan of our massage? Do you have your favorite treatment? Do you take care of your physical and mental condition? Do you want to feel great and just pay less? Now you can buy your favorite massage in the form of a carnet.  
How it’s working? All you have to do is buy a carnet for 10 treatments of the same value, so you can save several hundred zlotys. For example, the regular price of a Vishesh massage is 190 zł. The carnet for this massage costs 1700 zł, so you save 200zł. It is worth investing in your well-being and health!  
We have paper carnets purchased in the salon or in PDF format available for purchase below. Please take PDF printout of your carnet with you when visititing us. Details regarding the purchase of the carnets are in the tab: Terms and conditions of purchainsing gift vouchers and carnets.

Order a carnet

Carnet for 60min manual massages with the value of 1800zł

You save 200 zł
Treatment time 10×60 min
Price 1800 zł

Carnet for 75min manual massages with the value of 1980zł

You save 220 zł
Treatment time 10×75 min
Price 1980 zł

Carnet for 90min manual massages with the value of 2340zł

You save 260 zł
Treatment time 10×90 min
Price 2340 zł

Carnet for 120min manual massages with the value of 2700zł

You save 300 zł
Treatment time 10×120 min
Price 2900 zł

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