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Main concept


At the heart of Ayurveda is the idea that we should celebrate our health, beauty, excellent physical condition and inner harmony.

It is an ancient Indian system of natural healing. The literal translation of the Ayurveda is: knowledge of life. The main idea of this system was developed thousands of years ago, but in spite of such a significant passage of time, its power continues to help countless lives in our present day.

In ancient times, when the first system specification arose, its authors referred to laws that ruled over nature. After a deep analysis of nature, they distinguished five elements which had the largest impact on people’s lives and all of reality. These elements are: the Space, the Air, the Fire, the Water and the Earth. Ayurveda practitioners combined the above five elements into three psycho-physical structures called “doshas” – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Doshas reflect phenomena that appear in nature and also fit into the overall physical and mental human life.








Vata is a combination of Space and Air. It is characterized by lightness, dryness, fragility, irregularity, roughness, small size, mobility and cold. In human characteristics and behavior, Vata stands out as hyperactivity, nervousness, fear and uncertainty, but on the other hand, it is imagination, creativity, physical activity, spontaneity and the rapid assimilation of knowledge


Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water. It is characterized by lightness, moistness, clamminess, oiliness, neatness, enthusiasm and vibrancy. In human behavior, it manifests as rapidity, irritability, frustration, anger, stubbornness and impatience. Good qualities connected to Pitta are: good organization skills, hard work, stamina, precision, leadership qualities and ambition.


Kapha is a combination of Water and Earth. It is performed by stability, coldness, moistness, smoothness, rightful size, peacefulness and slowness. In human characteristics and behavior, Kapha stands out laziness, slowness, steadiness but also very good memory, commitment, patience, friendly attitude, stamina and strength.



Ayurveda is the concept of understanding and living in harmony with your own nature

All these Dosha qualities may be compared in nature’s character to seasons, time of day, stages of life’s cycle or latitude, but most significantly, you may also find them in the physical and psychological nature of humans. When our specific qualities are correctly assigned to a given Dosha, theoretically we are granted the means to achieve harmony in life. However, to reach this harmony, all the bad habits assigned to a Dosha should be eliminated and significant changes must be implemented from there on.

Ayurveda is the concept of harmonizing the internal self with the external life. It is a philosophy that encourages people to use its solutions to bring balance to their life and avoid those which may harm.

It has to be mentioned that we are a part of Nature and only through understanding the influence of Nature’s forces on our life, can we - in a simple and natural way - acquire health, well-being, vitality, and longevity. Ayurveda, as a harmonizing force with Nature, becomes an efficient recipe for happiness and harmony in life. Ayurveda is based on five balancing methods: lifestyle, diet, herbs, exercises (yoga, meditation), massages and other therapeutic treatments.

Maha Punye Ayurveda Salon was founded to help people in the process of regeneration and improvement of mental and physical condition by using unique massages and ayurvedic treatments.


How to recognize self Ayurvedic Nature? How to find someone’s dominating Dosha? How to use this knowledge to aim mental and physical harmony?


While assessing your self-psycho-physical structure two characteristics are considered: Prakriti and Vikriti.

Prakriti refers to inborn psycho-physical qualities. In line with ayurvedic philosophy, keeping these qualities in a balance helps to keep healthiness, vitality and longevity. The Human being has all three Doshas inside, but usually only one dominates. We can represent a single Dosha constitution, where only Vata, Pitta or Kapha strongly dominates. Also dual types are very common: Vata-Pitta, Vata- Kapha, Pitta-Vata, Pitta-Kapha, Kapha-Vata, Kapha-Pitta where both Doshas has a significant influence on our appearance and behavior. There are also cases where all three Doshas have a similar impact on personal characteristics.

Vikriti refers to all the Dosha qualities accrued at some stage of our life (not inborn). These usually bring a visible impact on our health and physical condition. Various Dosha qualities may be recognized in different elements of nature and these are constantly forming our lives. Hence Vikitri is related to all outside factors such as changing seasons, changing environment, family affairs, professional career, and relationships with other people.

To determine our correct Prakriti and imbalance Vikriti, an appropriate test, interview and consultation are performed.

Once our personal psycho-physical structure is recognized, five Ayurvedic balancing methods can be followed to keep our inner harmony in a healthy state.


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