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7 years together with YOU :)


Dear Friends! Together with you, we can celebrate our 7th birthday :)

September is a very special time for us. It was in September 2014 that we opened our intimate Maha Punye Ayurveda salon. We remember how in an empty place, on a concrete spout, we drew lines with chalk: here will be a reception desk, a wall in the middle and a massage table there. Then it was time to design and paint the walls, lay the panels on the floor, or arrange the last touches. After a few months of hard work, we were finally ready for our first clients :)

WOW how fast time flies! It’s been 7 years since then:)
We constantly strive to provide you with the highest quality Ayurvedic massages. We are always pleased when the next person comes out like a new born after the massage. The help that we can give you through our touch, knowledge and best intentions is our driving force for further action.
We are very grateful to our loyal customers, because it is thanks to you that we can last and constantly develop :) Thank you for your support, kindness and recommending our services to your friends. We are very happy that more and more people trust us and Ayurveda is becoming more and more recognizable knowlage of good life.
We would like to thank our tireless team: Karolina, Lidia and Rafał as well as former employees, especially Magda, who until recently was part of it. It is thanks to their strength, knowledge and commitment that we can create this extraordinary place :) Each of you has a great chance to benefit from the experience and feeling of our exceptional therapists.

On this beautiful occasion, we would like to invite you to take advantage of the promotion for a Vishesh / Abhyanga massage 75 minutes for 150 zł and 60min Pristaabhyanga back massage for 130zł. You can use the promotional massage until the end of September :)

You’re welcome,
Paulina and Martyna


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