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What do I need to know before massage at your place?

This question is often asked during the first telephone conversation. Do you need to know anything specific before your first visit?

  • We certainly do not come to the massage feeling fed up. It's best to eat something like this at least 2 hours before the procedure. A full stomach can cause discomfort, and a lying position can cause gas and heartburn - and this can effectively disturb relaxation during the massage.

  • We do not come for a massage under the influence of alcohol or with a severe hangover (especially when we feel sick). It is not as obvious as it may seem.
    Often times, the period is taken as a contraindication. You can massage during your period as long as your well-being allows it. If we feel discomfort, we do not want to be touched then, or if we have severe abdominal pain, dizziness, it is better to postpone the massage to another date.

  • Another thing is makeup. It's best to wash it off beforehand, or wash it off before face massage. However, if, Dear Ladies, you have to look glamorous later, we can skip the face massage - but it's a pity. It is also better not to wonder if the makeup has not smeared during the massage. Ayurveda is quite messy and greasy.

  • You don't need to shave your legs! Dear ladies, we don't see and we don't care about unshaven legs!

  • What to take with you? Comfortable clothes, for sure. The oil we massage you is a high-quality product made to order at the Ayurvedic clinic in Jaipur. It's just a shame to wash it off. It will fantastically moisturize and nourish the skin. Therefore, it is best to have clothes in such a way that there will be no tragedy when the oil is squeezed somewhere. In most cases, the oil will be absorbed into the skin during the entire massage.

  • We do not use disposable underwear, because it is only additional, unnecessary rubbish. You can stay in your own underwear, although I warn you that huge panties will not work. Some clients have one pair of panties especially for massages. We cover you with towels for the full comfort of the therapist and massaged person, so we allow you to take off your underwear.

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