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Udvartana - full body massage with herbal peeling

The August heat gave us positive energy and we can all boast of a beautiful tan :) However, you can slowly feel the autumn weather and to prepare yourself for it, we recommend Udvartana :)

Some of you already know how wonderful this massage is. You love this relaxation combined with a full body peeling. So how is Udvartana different from a regular Abhyanga massage?


First of all, it is about the use of herbal powders. The paste, which is made of herbs and oil, perfectly wipes away dead skin cells, nourishing and giving the skin its valuable properties. It is a massage that stimulates tissue regeneration, improves lymph flow and helps to get rid of excess water in the body. It improves circulation and expels toxins from the body. Importantly, especially for women, it helps in the fight against cellulite! It smoothes the skin and gives it a pleasant softness.



We prepare each mixture of herbs taking into account the season and its dosha. In autumn and winter we use herbs and roots that are more warming, and in spring and summer they are more cooling herbs :) Our herbal base is nirgundi (it has analgesic and relaxing properties), neem (antibacterial), and we add rose petals, mint, rosemary, sage. , bay leaves or ubtan produced especially for us in our friendly clinic in Jaipur. There are chickpeas, amla, lily, white clay and lots of other nice herbs, among others. I grow some of the herbs in my garden to make sure that they come from a reliable source :)

We invite you for a wonderful relaxation :) Udvartana massage lasts 75min. We can extend the duration to the longer treatment - 90min or 120min. 

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