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Abhyanga, massage to improve your mood

🌿What makes us feel relaxed, calmed and in a better mood when getting off the massage table? Below is some useful information

🌿The first sense we know is touch. Our largest organ, with millions of touch receptors, is skin, which can account for up to 15% of our body weight!

🌿 In short, during the back massage, we irritate the area with the most nerve fibers, the so-called CT. These fibers, through touch, send information to the central nervous system and stimulate the reward system, i.e. the sense of pleasure.

🌿Oxytocin is produced upon touch. It is a hormone, often called the love hormone, responsible for lowering cortisol - the stress hormone, blood pressure, it also has a relaxing and analgesic effect and reduces the level of anxiety.

🌿Relaxing touch also affects the release of endorphins - and as we know, these are happiness hormones that are responsible for reducing pain and a good mood.

🌿At the same time, calm, rhythmic pressure and stroking have a tonic effect on the sympathetic system (the system corresponding to fight and flight) and the parasympathetic system (responsible for rest and digestion) comes to the fore. In a word, massage supports regeneration.

🍀If you feel overstimulated, tired and you need some calming down, the softer Abhyanga is just for you.

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