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🍁Autumn in Maha Punye Ayurveda🍁

🍁This fall, she knocked on our door very quickly and in a it's depressive edition. Rainy, foggy, cold, nothing but wrap yourself in a blanket and drink warm tea with honey and raspberry juice. The heating season began with a bang, not only in terms of the weather.

🍁Autumn is a fantastic time of year to take care of yourself.
The PINDA SVEDANA treatment reigns supreme in the Salon - that's your favorite massage with hot herbal stamps.
P.S.🔥 Heat is a fantastic relaxation, so I always recommend that you have a hot water bottle. In the event of pain, tension or simply feeling cold while working in front of the computer, it is worth placing such a warm hot water bottle on your stomach, under your back or under your feet. “It works wonders!”

❤ For some warmth, we invite you to our classics: ABHYANGA and VISHESH. Depending on your needs, we recommend a more delicate Abhyanga when you need to feel like covered with a quilt on cold days, and Vishesh, if you need specific pressure and muscle rolling. As a satisfied customer recently described - as if a snow groomer ran over me 🤣

🍁Fall is also a time of clogged sinuses. The NASYA procedure is worth considering. After the head and face massage, where we focus on warming the sinuses, we drip Anu oil on our nose. This oil is fantastic at helping to clear congested sinuses, moisturize the nasal mucosa, and generally cleanse the nose.

🔥❤🔥We invite you to the Salon 🔥❤🔥

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