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Attention! Validate of gift Voucher

Dear Customers!🛑


🍁 It's not an invention, it's a common practice that gift vouchers have an expiry date. Our coupons are valid for up to 6 months!

🍁 Every once in a while someone tries to force us to extend the gift voucher up to a few months! There are also people who try to deceive us and use a fake coupon without a number. Sometimes we go hand in hand, even if someone calls on the last day of the coupon's validity, although our hands fall off.

😒Just a few examples:
1. A lady with a coupon valid until June, where it is November because she forgot that she had a coupon.
2. A lady with a coupon number cut off, where it is impossible to read whether the coupon is real or false or expired - an online coupon, we can check who bought it, yet she didn't want to.
3. Was the last situation where client even threatened to issue an appropriate opinion because she lost a coupon that was 2 months overdue, of course with the number cut off and we do not want to accept it. Well, the situation is more complicated, unfortunately many unpleasant words were said. Seriously, we don't want to get annoyed, fight with customers, argue for trivial reasons, I know that we are all tired and it's easy to get irritated, but still, I am asking for understanding and kindness.

💚 Massage is a very intimate thing, we want the best for you. We often give 150% of ourselves to help you. How are going to we to do this if you blaspheme us with great pretensions and threaten us with an unfavorable opinion? Why such a thing? How it can be the pleasant and trusting atmosphere during the procedure after such words?

😞 Dear Customers, we no longer have the strength for such things. I would like to ask you to respect our work and the person who gave you this voucher.

🤨 How is it that some people can call on time and make an appointment for a massage? And others can be very unpleasant because they missed the expiration date? We emphasize every time that it is worth making an appointment as soon as possible, because we have a small salon and limited logistics possibilities.

🛑 Everything is included in the rules of procedure and I refer to this rules of procedure: 🛑

I am very sorry to hear such things.

Personally, each of us makes sure that the coupon we have received is redeemed as soon as possible or made an appointment right away. All so as not to forget, not to lose and not to shine with eyes afterwards. It never occurred to me that you could make a fuss over your own mistake.

Therefore, let us respect each other,
Maha Punye Ayurveda team

P.S. a bit of a rant, but from now on, we will strictly adhere to the validity of coupons. Extension is not possible.

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