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New price list

💚 Dear Customers 💚

💚 Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we are forced to slightly increase prices. We wanted to maintain the current price level as long as possible, but we couldn't wait any longer.😢

💚 Price increases, m. hygienic materials, cleaning and disinfectants, high-quality cosmetics and oils that we import from India (horror of high duty!), killed us a bit. 💚 We don't want to massage you with cheaper substitutes, such as blends of perfumed oils and oil-like products full of preservatives and dyes. However, quality costs money and we stick to proven products.
😕 Another thing is the heating season and heating is something we can't give up. Warmth is one of the most important factors of a friendly and relaxing atmosphere in the salon. Unfortunately, the government with its pro-inflationary policy does not help and the final nail in the coffin was our last electricity bill. I think everyone knows what I'm talking about.

We know that this is not the perfect time for such a move, so we ask for your understanding 💚

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new price list on our website

Phew... Okay,we will manage, we're in full power!😀
We are trying our best to make our massage even better and I hope that soon we can present you something new.
In the meantime, see you at the massage 😊

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