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New Year starts now!

Welcome to the New Year!❤

How are you feeling after Christmas? Bellies full, bloated and feeling like you ate a stone, or is it quite ok? Does your back hurt and your hands fall off after the frenzy of cleaning, cooking and shopping for Christmas? 🥵

It's time to rest!❤

I have an important question for you. How often do you massage yourself? How often do you go for a massage?

🟢I think a great idea for a New Year's resolution is to get a massage at least once a month. How about this new habit? The best results are brought by the regularity of treatments, because the cyclically massaged body repays you with the lack of pain and better condition!

🟢 It is worth taking care of our tired body, after all, it is to serve us in good health for many more years. I definitely recommend moisturizing the skin and joints through oiling, pampering muscles thanks to the wonderful relaxing properties of warm herbal oil and long, long movements of Abhyanga. It is good to break all tensions and knots by a stronger Vishesh full body massage, and exfoliate and nourish the skin with Udvartana herbal powders.

🟢The hit right now is Pinda Svedana's warm herbal stamps, it's a revelation for such colder days! The heat of the stamps fantastically penetrates even the deepest layers of muscles, making the body soft and pleasantly loose.

🧐 So, see you at the massage?😏

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