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Watch yourself carefully

💚 Recently, a lot of clients have appeared in the salon, let's say after 40, who are totally neglected. And I don't mean that they're dirty and in rags, absolutely not. They are women wearing make-up, in elegant clothes, they have manicures and pedicures, hairdresser once a month.

💚 Nevertheless, they are neglected. How?

💚 To the question, is there something wrong with you? No, not everything is ok. You lie down on the bed and its starts. I will only add, it happens that they are having a massage for the first time in their lives. The amount of tension, pain, contractures, swelling is huge. Sometimes I wonder how they still function. Headaches don't just happen by themselves. Tensions within the shoulders, or a neck as hard as steel, a stomach concreted to the max, or stiff hips with little mobility, a whole range of ailments ignored by them for a long time.
The most common cause is chronic stress.

💚 I'm asking such a client, okay, and what are your ways to deal with stress? How do you take care of your relaxation? And you know what? Few can answer these questions.
Well, because they don't have time, because children, because work, because the dog at the vet, because the husband, because something and something. Seriously? I know that we are all busy and there are a lot of things on women's heads, but do you realize, Dear Ladies, that if your body is in disarray, your health is declining? If everything and everyone is the most important, who will take care of you if not yourself? You're slowly ruining your health. It is worth considering whether what I am doing now and how I live will cause that in a few years, instead of enjoying good health, I will be stuck in clinics and be treated for not taking care of myself earlier?

🙏 Dear Women! Please, stop for a moment and consider. How can I help myself, how can I reduce my stress? How can I deal with stress? How does this stress affect my body? Where is it most accumulated? Observing myself, where is this zone bothering me the most? Where does something pinch, sting, hurt? Watch yourself, you might be surprised.

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