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💚 Are you looking for a way to calm down? Or maybe you need to relax and cut yourself off from your head? Do you suffer from excessive tension in the head, migraines, headaches, high stress? Try Shirodhara.

👑 Queen of Ayurveda, Shirodhara is a unique treatment. Shiro means head and Dhara can be translated as unceasing stream.

💚 So what is this treatment all about? Shirodhara is nothing more than pouring a stream of warm oil over the forehead, from temple to temple, especially the area between the eyebrows, the so-called third eye. This therapy is especially recommended for pacifying Vata, because it perfectly calms the central nervous system. It calms the busy mind and stimulated senses, thanks to which the body naturally releases stress. Herbal oil (with amla and brahmi) is used for the treatment, which soothes the mind and opens the so-called prana shrotas, or channels of life-giving force within the head.

🧡 ATTENTION - sometimes you ask if you can do Shirodhara alone without massage. Well, no. If you want to take full advantage of the wonderful properties of this treatment, it is necessary to perform a massage before. During the massage, tension is released from the body, it is like a preparatory time for calming down. The massage itself does a great job when it comes to relaxation, and without it Shirodhara is just pouring warm oil on the forehead. If one has elevated Vata, without a soothing touch Shirodhara can be irritating. At least a head and face massage is necessary, but it is best to do a full body massage. A large amount of warm oil calms and primes the body before the procedure. Use our knowledge and experience: Shirodhara is the best only in combination with a massage. Such comprehensive action brings the most health benefits for the body, mind and soul👍🙏💆

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