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Good book for begginers

How was your Sunday?

It was a perfect day for a nice Sunday walk 😁🌷🌞

💚 If you want to read something interesting with your Monday morning coffee, I recommend a small book "Ayurveda in practice" by Agnieszka and Maciej Wielobób.
💚 I have a lot of literature on the basics of Ayurveda, and this book is definitely a must have. Mr. and Mrs. Wielobób present the principles of Ayurveda in a clear and simple way, explain the concepts related to it, easily assimilated by people who have come across them for the first time. I like the condensed form of each topic, short and concise and without unnecessary pathos (some books are very long and despite reading them 15 times, I still don't know what it is about). Here we have about 150 pages, where everything you need to know at the beginning is clearly presented! So, enjoy reading!😁😁😁

I definitely recommend!

💚 What are your favorite Ayurveda books? 💚 Do you want something more about other positions and what interesting can be found in them? Give me a sign!

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