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ABC of a kind Client

💚Hi Guys!

I have a little ABC of a kind customer for you

🍁November is the perfect month for a massage. The autumn weather is conducive to rest and relaxation. Everyone will benefit from the massage, especially dosha Vata 😁 Many people need and want to use a massage and the number of places in our studio is limited.

Therefore, friends:

❗ if you know you can't come for a previously scheduled massage, please message us. All you need is a text message with information, the day before the massage at the latest.

❗ Save your reservations in your calendars, don't just wait for a reminder from us. Everyone happens to forget, so please write down the dates of your visits.

❗ If you forget about your visit, please don't forget to cancel! Unfortunately, this also happens, a message 5 minutes after your appointment time is too late to use this hour for someone else.
You forget, you won't cancel, and someone else could use this place. Not to mention the lack of respect for our time and our work.

❗ You are sick, you will not recover by the date of the appointment, please let us know. It's a pretty sick time right now, so we have that in mind, so give us a sign that this is happening. We will look for another date.

💚 We keep a reserve list for people interested in massage in the near future, if we have information about resignation early enough, then we can offer this place to someone else.

Be kind to yourself and think of others as well. You know you can't come - message us - someone else will be very grateful to you ❤

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