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Anu oil

Dear Friends!

🟢Now we have a wonderful sick period - a lot of wind, humidity and temperature fluctuations -> the perfect time to get sick, have sinusitis and pain. It's so nice when they are so blocked and you can't breathe. Do you know this?

🟢Of course you can come to us for Nasya. Nasya is one of the therapies belonging to the Panchakarma set of cleansing therapies. Also called Shirovirechana (Shiro - head, Virechana - cleansing), it is a cleansing procedure that nourishes the tissues and organs of the head and neck.

🟢You can also do a little yourself and, in addition to massaging the sinus area, sprinkle Anu oil on your nose. The herbs (e.g. the so-called vidanga pepper, cinnamon, Himalayan cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, licorice, barberry, cardamom) contained in the oil have strongly cleansing, astringent, drying and warming properties and quickly penetrate the nasal passages. They stimulate the secretion of mucus, which helps remove "ama" from the nose and head. Oil instilled into the nose is good for dealing with headaches, heaviness in the head, stuffy nose, and in other words, problems in the Kapha sphere (excess moisture).

🟢 We put a few drops into each nostril of the nose. It is worth warming up and massaging the sinus area a bit beforehand. For a better effect, it is best to instill it in the nose for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on the need. We gradually increase the dose, then gradually reduce it, e.g. 5/7/9/11/9/7/5 drops. Do not put drops in your nose just before sleeping or going outside, this procedure requires peace and warmth. After applying the oil, you can cry and sneeze a lot (although this is nothing compared to Nasyam Chooram powders). You can buy the oil online.

🟢Contraindications include age below 8 years and above 80 years, during pregnancy and immediately after birth, after bathing, during fever, just after eating a meal or after drinking alcohol.

🟢It is worth knowing that the oil is bitter and very scratchy if it flows down the throat, so it is a good idea to lean back well while instilling it (or gargle).

🟢 Ghee or regular oil introduced into the nostrils will moisturize the sinuses. Juice of grated, fresh ginger is also refreshing -> you can put a little of it into your nose with your finger. Don't worry, it won't burn your brain!

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