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Happy Easter/Holi

Dear friends!🌷

Spring has revealed itself to us in all its glory, so celebrate whatever you want and we wish you:
🟢time full of sun and colors! May this Easter be a nice time with your loved ones, to simply rest and enjoy each other. Take a breather after winter ❤
🔵In addition to happy eggs and other bunnies, we also wish you a Happy Holi!
🟣Nature comes to life and we wish you a beautiful Spring! The spring equinox is behind us, the weather is pleasant and we want to live!
🟡 And if someone likes it, we even wish you a wonderful Muffin Day (March 30)

No matter what you celebrate or don't celebrate, we just wish you a beautiful, extended weekend!🌷🌷🌷

P.S. See you on Tuesday, April 2🌷

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