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Massage for elderly people:D

Did you know that a massage is a great gift for an elderly person?🧐

🧓👴 Grandma and Grandpa's Day is coming, so maybe instead of more chocolates or wonderful heart syrups, it's worth giving a massage?

🧓 Sometimes you ask us if an elderly person can receive a massage?
Yes of course! 💚

👴 What is the "upper" age limit of the person receiving the massage?
Age does not matter to fully enjoy the benefits of careful touch

🌬 First of all, in Ayurvedic terms, senility is the time when we move to a stronger effect of the Vata dosha. Vata consists of the elements Space/Aether and Air. They are elements of a dry, cold, and brittle quality. In order to balance them, it is worth taking care of proper hydration, internal and external lubrication, as well as proper heating of the body. Abhyanga massage is a fantastic way to balance these qualities. A delicate touch and a large amount of warm oil will fantastically lubricate and warm the body. 🧡

💆 Secondly, massage fantastically relaxes and helps to remove pain in muscles and joints. As we get "dry" in old age, greasing the body has a beneficial effect, as it improves the flexibility of the joints. Massage will also help in states of nervous tension caused by persistent thoughts - this is also a strong factor of increased Vata. By soothing the body, we will also calm the restless mind. Shiroabhyanga head massage will be great for this.🍀

👍 Third, the massage is just fantastic! We barely touch each other with tenderness and mindfulness, and when old age hits us, almost not at all. I remember one client, already well over 70, who experienced a massage for the first time in her life. She was ecstatic. She said she wished she had a massage before and that it was her discovery of a lifetime! She was glad to discover something so wonderful in her old age!

❤️ Let me just add that our Grandma Frania - 87 years old - loves massages. This is our must-see during every visit. If our relaxed after massages Grandma recommends, there must be something to it!😝

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