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Few words about touch

A few words about touch...🤚✋

💚 The technique and style of massage can be very different. What matters most is touch. This is a very general statement, but it is the type of touch and the way the masseuse runs her hands over the client's/patient's body that defines a successful, good massage. Because although the techniques can be very complicated, the most sophisticated style taken straight from the oriental forest, the amount of courses and knowledge that the therapist has acquired can reach the cosmos. It's useless if the therapist's touch is, shall we say, wooden and unfeeling. The reception of the whole massage is bland to put it mildly.🤷‍♀️

💚 Depending on what your body needs, touch can be calming, gentle, soothing, attentive, deeply penetrating, strong.
💚 If you are strongly stimulated, your nervous system reacts very sensitively even to the smallest stress factor. Even though you like strong and hardcore massages, open up to the fact that sometimes it's worth experiencing the opposite. Let yourself be soothed with a calm, gentle but attentive massage. Not with an annoying cuddle, but with a specific touch that will rock you.

💚 Sometimes you have to press, especially when places in the body are hard. More than once you will feel pain, which should be a signal to you that it's time to take care of yourself. Massage can be temporarily unpleasant when the therapist needs to break the resistance of the body in a reasonable way. Such a massage is intertwined with a soothing and gentle massage, thanks to which it is not like a constant struggle between the tense body of the massaged person and the masseur's hands. Also, don't be afraid to give a little more strength, because all this is to help you relax or fight pain.

🧡 Each of us has our own unique touch. Sometimes it's stronger and sometimes it's softer. It is worth trying to touch each of us, which I strongly encourage you to do.

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