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Some new book recommendation

☀️☀️ How are your summer days going? If you like to read something interesting while sunbathing, I recommend a book that came into my hands recently.

💚 "The Seven Paths of Ayurveda" by Sarah Kucera is a light and accessible book about the 7 combinations of doshas. It is a great elaboration of the nature of each single and combination of double and triple doshas. The whole thing is easy to read, so if you are at the beginning of your path with Ayurveda, this position will explain a lot. What is quite useful is the discussion of the current life situation of each dosha. Situations in everyday life, work, travel, love, etc., from the point of view and behavior of each dosha, were presented. I think this position will be a nice addition to your knowledge of Ayurvedic ways of life 😄

I cordially encourage you to get to know your unique dosha 💚😁👍

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