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My trip to India in October

n 2018, I went to India with a group of friends led by Anita Singh from Metta Podróże. 🤩
It was wonderful! Tamilnadu and Kerala opened their wide arms to us with great hospitality and kindness.💚💙 And although the trip was organized strictly around classical dance, there were also Ayurvedic/therapeutic experiences.😁

In the small town of Kumily I met interesting people. One gentleman made flavored cough teas and the other gave me herbs that helped me get rid of my chronic bronchitis😲. This Man, as it later turned out, Gurukkal (a master of the Kalaripayattu school), apart from running an Ayurvedic pharmacy, did many other things. At that time I had no idea what this gentleman was doing, but I liked that after a gentle touch he knew everything I needed to heal me. I liked it.😏 This is how a new dream was born - the decision that I want to know what this man does and I also want to learn it.👍

It so happened that a few days later in Varkala, Kerala, I met Agnieszka Kapelko @ayurmedica. A colleague who was just finishing her Ayurvedic therapist course in Thiruvananthapuram.

When I came back from this trip, all I had in my mind was that I wanted to go back there and learn these amazing things. Then came the time of pandemic and war and somehow the space was not favorable.😔

One beautiful day, a few months ago, Agnieszka said to me: Martyna, we are going to Thiruvananthapuram! And I said: Absolutely! 🥳
So in October I'm going to fulfill my dreams of learning under the supervision of a master! I will be learning kalari massage, which comes from the South Indian martial art of kalaripayattu. Awesome!🤸‍♀️

🥳That's why, dear customers, I won't be in Krakow for a month.🥳
Regards, Martyna👏

P.S. If you want to go to India, I recommend @metta_podroze
P.s.2 And you will receive a beautiful Ayurvedic massage in Poznań @ayurmedica

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